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Tim vs Aging – Day 9 – The Weights – Plus Gut Bacteria?

Today is a weightlfiting day, improved a bit over last weeks machine circuit workout. I’ve almost max’d out some of the machines (its not that impressive, they are not that heavy) so I think after week four I will be gravitating toward the free weights. I would consider today’s training to be a bit above moderate, my arms are a bit weak as I hold them up to type this article.

Machines are great, they are very precise in what they target. But free weights are great in their sloppiness. Not only do you work the muscles you intend to work, but you work the supporting muscles, so that all is coordinated in real life.

After the workout I took my 3500 mg of Fisetin, with a glass of wine. I don’t normally drink at all (really don’t like the taste…) and I’m finding that I get a bit tipsy from just one glass. I’ve never liked the feeling, but I understand the appeal.

I have a general feeling of tiredness, which is not surprising at this point. After all, I’ve just given up a major caffiene addiction, increased my “to exhaustion” workout with Trisha and added a moderate and increasing weight training program. I slept late after my HBOT today.

Today is Easter, of course, so I’m trying to save up some calories for tonight with my nephew’s family. I will clearly have more workout in wrestling with his three kids (whose street names assigned by uncle Tim are Charlie Max, Ollie-dog and Saw-daddy…). Might even have a celebratory Dr. Pepper, we’ll see. Hopefully I won’t go over my calorie budget, but if I do, I’ll make it up later…

As an added bonus, here is a video on “gut bacteria.” I don’t know much about this but it is a good video. Remember that part of this project is to used dried parsley capsules, which contain apigenin to reduce CD38, which should allow NMN to convert to NAD+ more readily. Sorry this is a bit technical. The basketball analogy is that apigenin sets a pick on CD38 to allow NMN to get free to score NAD+ points.

This is an area that is not well explored, but it is a legitimate exploration in my project to enhance health at the cellular level. With the kinds of antibiotics and other medicines we take, if this turns out to be a factor, balancing the gut bacteria might be an important factor in improving longevity.

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