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What You Need to Know about Successful Aging and Longevity

Many researchers and labs are working hard to discover the next best thing to fight aging. The term successful aging means being able to grow older and remain healthy and mobile longer. 

Much Research Taking Place to Determine the Best Ways to Help Successful Aging

Many different approaches are attempting to find the secret of how to live longer and put it into a marketable product or treatment. Some believe that the global life expectancy will never go beyond 120. 

Studies are abounding to unravel why some people naturally live longer and why Blue Zones exist where the average person is much older than in other places. Ideas and efforts are plentiful, but none have succeeded so far. Much is being learned, though, by the ongoing trials and looking at the lives of centenarians. 

Some Helpful Products Are Being Made Available

Products are rapidly being made public. Some are rather unsuccessful in accomplishing what they claim they can do. One new product gaining popularity is nicotinamide mononucleotide or NMN. While many people claim it has helped them, the FDA, as of March 2024, has not approved it yet as a dietary supplement. The reason is that no large-scale tests were made to determine its long-term effects. 

Stick with Proven Tools for Successful Aging

Several things are known to provide proven results to increase longevity. It is best to stick with them and avoid new fads and products that are unproven for safety or effectiveness to help with successful aging.  

  • Get Regular Exercise

The best thing you can do to improve your longevity is to get regular exercise. Not only does it help you retain strength and balance, but it also helps prevent muscle loss and keeps your mind sharp. Getting in 150 minutes per week is the recommended amount (30 minutes per day), or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise. 

  • Keep Your Brain Sharp

Mental exercise is also essential to good health. Keeping your brain sharp and in shape requires using it frequently. It will improve your memory and cognitive functions. 

  • A Good Night’s Sleep Is Essential

Getting a good night’s sleep is also essential to your longevity. Sleep helps cleanse your brain of toxins and makes it fresh for the next day. Your alertness and ability to function well and reduce stress depend on it. 

  • Eat Healthy

Eating a healthy diet is also important. The Mediterranean diet is most recommended. This diet focuses on eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. 

  • Reduce Sweets and Carbs

Reducing your sugar intake is also necessary. Consuming a lot of the sweet stuff can be harmful. Reduce the white bread, cakes, pasta, crackers, and breakfast cereals. Also, drink less sugar-heavy coffees and sodas. It can raise your blood pressure, increase your risk of diabetes, cause obesity, reduce your cognitive function and memory, slow collagen repair of your skin, increase inflammation, and more. 

  • Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Successful aging and longevity also mean you can fight off disease and reduce the likelihood of disability. Because a healthy immune system depends on doing things that protect your health, a sedentary lifestyle, tobacco, and alcohol (minimize) must be ruled out. Keep on moving to maintain your mobility and retain strength. 

Whether or not human life expectancy ever increases is uncertain, but you can extend your mobility and happiness by following these basic steps for better health and longevity. Maintaining close relationships with family and friends will also enable you to live happier and stronger. 

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