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Tim vs Aging – Day 12 – Over the First Hump, plus Do Bodybuilders Die Sooner?

After a very tired weekend and Monday from the previous weeks activities, I feel like I have regained energy and am comfortable within the workout regimen and the calorie budget. Doing without my favorite soda, Dr. Pepper, is much easier since I’m past the addiction part and no longer crave the combination of sugar and caffiene. I’m not saying I won’t regress, though. That is always a danger.

I did realize that I agreed to have lunch with a business associate tomorrow but it is fasting day so I will sit there awkwardly and just drink water. Fortunately I will be bringing another associate so no one will be stuck eating alone. Such are the trials and tribulations of the Tim vs. Aging Project.

Since there is nothing earth shattering to report, here is a side topic. Turns out that body builders don’t live as long as the rest of us.

Mortality Rate Higher Among Bodybuilders

The fact of this is not surprising to me since I’m a pro-wrestling fan and frequently note the passing of wrestlers who I’d been a fan of when I was growing up. These are large men who have been bumped around most of their careers.


The article cites performance enhancing drugs as a possible reason. Pro wrestlers are famous for using steroids to bulk up and look great. Since they are not actually competing in a sport, there are no rules against it.

Competitive weight lifters would have to follow the rules, so the link is tenuous at best. But the article mentions “extreme weight changes.” This might be the real clue. These are mostly already big guys, during their competitive years they are used to eating a lot. If they carry that habit forward to when they are not competing the stress on the heart would be huge. I’m imagining that they become much larger as they get older.

So the relevance here is that my one day per week of weightlifting is not likely to put me into any danger. Just looking at me, you should probably be able to tell I’m not quite a competitive weight lifter.

Former UFC champ Andre Arlovsky.
Former UFC champ Andre Arlovsky. When it is time, I’m calling him out!

I wonder if any of this applies to mixed martial arts? Once I get in the octagon with Arlovsky, I’ll be considered a pro, so that is something to think about…

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