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Tim vs Aging – Day 15 – R&R, plus What is TRIIM?

Today I have no major stress points, slept late, got a hair cut (at Sal’s in Boca Raton, he is the best). As I’ve mentioned before, as exhausted as I am after last night’s workout with Trisha, I have little in the way of sore muscles or strains, and I feel pretty good.

This is Sal the barber. He is the best barber in the area, best I can tell.

Just an update from a previous thread, I still have occasional dreams in the hyperbaric chamber and after, and they are strange but they are not as vivid as before. It was suggested by the team that I write them down, but I haven’t been. Such is life.

I ran across something called TRIMM, which is Thymus Regeneration Immunorestoration, and Insulin Mitigation. The Thymus is responsible for producing T-cells which are key in fighting diseases. It seems to me this is pretty important. Turns out the Thymus starts to turn into fat as you get older and produces fewer and fewer T-cells. By about age 65 the Thymus essentially disappears into the fat and no more T-cells appear.

The study focuses on HGH and similar hormones to attempt to keep the Thymus younger and producing T-cells, and apparently has had some success. There are tests you can take to measure your HGH levels which makes it good for testing. I may study this for a future test. I would want to be in a stable physical position first, and may be on the current regimen for as long as six months. But since nobody else seems to want to do these tests scientifically, I will continue to be the human guinea pig.

Here is a video


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