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Tim vs Aging – Day 1 – The Project Begins

The first day!

I started early, climbed into the hyperbaric chamber at 7 am, set my alarm and then finished my night’s sleep. I think I will try for a bit earlier and then head back up to wake up in bed. I will also work on having entertainment handy. My phone should have all of that, just need to get the earphone so I can hear it over the compressor.

Since I have decided to use the nose mask for greater oxygen purity, it is not perfectly comfortable. The pad on the floor of the chamber is good, but I may need a bit more. I take the pillows from my bed. It’s not bad.

I opened all of my supplements bottles, took three NMN for a total of 900mg, two Resveratrol for a total of 1000mg, two of my homemade parsley pills for apigenin, and two One-A-Day gummies for Men.

For my 30 minute stretch, I went outside to the back (interrupted only by a couple of Latino gentlemen asking if it was OK to hunt iguanas along the waterway. Hell, it’s OK by me…). I don’t really have a set program yet, but I went through the series of Tae Kwon Do stretches from my early days (I was a black belt back in 19%&%^). I think when it is an option I will do my stretches outside. I notice my skin is currently the pale translucent color of the night-dwelling vampire set, so perhaps it will do me some good.

One shortcoming for the day. I was planning to start my detox from the evil Dr. Pepper, to relax and endure the withdrawal headaches. But yesterday I found out I had to completely re-write a project that I have been working on and to have it ready on Monday morning. So I ended up drinking 3 cans, but it was all within my calorie budget of 2400. I’ll take it.

I have my baseline video (which I won’t show unless I am very successful) and my baseline weight. I will be reporting the difference in my weight, while not telling you my embarrassing baseline.

Check it out below, this is a video of me getting into the hyperbaric chamber. It’s still kind of like a pig getting caught in a fence (although I don’t squeal that much). This is a 32 inch chamber, I’m not sure I could get into the 27 inch version.

Want to see the original framework and the outlines?  That would be here:

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Tony Lyons March 29, 2021 at 8:18 pm

You do know there is a hyperbaric oxygen clinic in Deerfield Beach with the industrial tanks that are far superior to the portable tank your using.

Tim Kaelin March 29, 2021 at 11:37 pm

Wouldn’t surprise me, but I own this one and it is cheaper to buy than to go to a clinic every day for 60 days. Plus that would likely add an extra 1-2 hours a day of travel, waiting and inconvenience. This way it becomes part of my night’s sleep and takes very little extra time.

If you are the owner of such a place, please feel free to elaborate on how they would serve me better. As best I can see, oxygen is oxygen and pressure is pressure. But I’m willing to be convinced.

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