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Tim vs Aging – Day 2 – First Weight Training Day

I’m feeling no ill effects from stretching yesterday, although the third day after a workout usually gets you the most pain. Not that I was expecting it, except for the fact that I had not stretched seriously for more than a couple of years. More stretching today according to my schedule, 30 minutes.

Beautiful women using YouFit
No, the beautiful models from this picture were not there, but YouFit does have some good weight machines.

It’s been a year since I’ve been to the Youfit (that’s what the guy said when he replaced the barcode thingy that I had lost). I decided to be diligent but not overly ambitious this first time. I stuck to the Cybex circuit (which nobody ever seems to use according to the flashing timer on the wall..), and used heavier weights on nine machines. Six were for arms, three for legs, you would recognize all of them. By heavy, I mean that I could comfortably do 5-10 reps before demanding rest. I did three circuits of this, it took maybe 45 minutes. Trisha had mentioned arms, legs and back, and while there was certainly some back motion in these machines, next week I will seek something a bit more specific.

When I got home I took 7 pills totaling 3500 mg of Fisetin. This is designed to tell senescent cells in the zombie mode to go ahead and die, and flush from my system. I am taking this much because the research says that Fisetin has low bioavailability. This means that not a lot gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

A very recent discussion indicates that you can increase bioavailability by taking a certain other supplement along with it, or by mixing with ethanol or methanol. So I thought hmmm… I don’t want to add another supplement to the mix, but I could drink a glass of wine and possibly accomplish the same thing.

This is hardly scientific, but the logic works in my own addled brain. If you are keeping track, I bought some Bogle red wine at Publix for $7.99 and drank about 5 ounces. I did feel a bit light-headed thereafter, we will see if that happens next week, too. I’m not really a wine drinker and do not especially like the taste, but I believe this is a worthwhile modification to the project, especially for those who care to follow in my footsteps and who happen to like wine. We’ll see…

My fasting day is not until Thursday, but here is a nice video on fasting if you are interested. I am not looking forward to fasting, but I endeavor to persevere.

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