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Tim vs Aging – Day 3 – Day After Weights, Soreness Kicks In

Started out the day in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) as will be the normal pattern for the next 57 days. I’ve got the pattern down, I grab my pillows and my phone, walk down in the dark (6 am EDT). I adjust the room’s thermostats down by 4 degrees because it makes it a bit more comfortable inside the chamber. I didn’t even turn the light on this time, flipped on the three switches stuffed the pillows into the chamber and crawled in. I actually slept through part of it today. I’m thinking by the end of the week I will be sleeping all the way through.

BTW, not sure if it is because of the Dr. Pepper detox or the chamber’s effect, but I seem to have unusually vivid dreams during the HBOT session and in bed afterward. Today I was living in a really crappy house with a big back yard, and some squatters were setting up the stage for a rock band and a party. The longer the dream went on the more trashy the house got. Never did get to hear the band. Wierd. I hope it keeps happening, I seem to be very creative when I dream.

I’m feeling a bit of the second day soreness from the weight training session as I knew I would. Arms a bit sore in the shoulders, legs a bit sore in the quads and calves. I expect this to happen every Monday to some degree.

But Tuesday will be worse. I have long experience in this, and everyone who does weights knows it. The second day after is the worst. It takes that long for the soreness to peak.

This may affect my workout with Trisha on Tuesday, but I am not that much of a wimp that I will mention it. No, no one can know (shhhh, don’t tell anyone).

No ill effects from taking 3500mg of Fisetin yesterday. I wasn’t expecting ill effects, but the dose was pretty high and you can never tell.

Stretch, skin cream, diet within calorie budget. Arlovsky had better watch out, I’m feeling stronger already. In 60 days I will certainly be his match!!!

Here is a video on AMPK that you might want to check out. It is a bit technical, but pay attention to the concept of autophagy, it is very important in anti-aging.

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