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Tim vs Aging – Day 4 – Torture by Trisha

Today is the first day of the project where I got to work out with Trisha and the mixed martial arts regimen. As you may remember, Trisha Cicero, while being one of the nicest people you would ever meet, is also a professional MMA fighter, who has won her last three fights. She puts me through an intense workout, after which I am forced into “full corpse mode” for at least an hour.

Trish Cicero, Professional MMA fighter. Don't F*k with her...
Trisha Cicero, Professional MMA fighter. Don’t F*k with her…

I have my brand new GoPro that have attached to my head for the session, I’ll divide that into parts and show snippets in future articles. Obviously, I will show only the impressive parts. Surely you don’t expect me to show myself in the final “chair” position against the wall struggling to make a minute, or waddling along with the elastic band around my thighs for warmup. No, I’ll publish the more intense stuff so you can go “ooooohhhh”!

But before I go into that, an update on the previous article. Yes, I feel the soreness of Day 2’s weight training, as expected. It has peaked and is uncomfortable, but I’ve been through it many times. I felt it through the MMA workout, but it did not interfere (’cause I’m a REAL man…).

As I have mentioned before, the expertise of Trisha is that her workouts, while intense and exhausting, do not add to the soreness in the succeeding days. Otherwise, I would be sore through the entire project. That would be brutal. Since part of the goal is to develop a sustainable regimen, sustainable comfort is vitally important.

Here’s a clip:

Since I have my handy hyperbaric chamber with its oxygen mask nearby I decided to try an experiment. After the second and third rounds of MMA workout, I decided I would try about 30 seconds of oxygen in between. In those rounds, I try to go all out 100% (what would be the point to have such a trainer and not go 100%). I’m usually panting and out of breath, and pretty much stay that way for the rest of the session. The effect of the oxygen was dramatic! I caught my breath almost immediately. But it didn’t last long, Trisha did not let up.

But I won’t do this anymore, it was just an experiment. My logic is that I am purposely putting my body in a state where it must learn to compensate for a lack of oxygen. This is the point of working cardio. Since I did all of the work to put myself in that state, why would I compromise it? Since I have upped my sessions from one per week to two per week, my cardio will readily improve anyway.

And yes, I descended into full corpse mode for just over an hour. I actually had to walk around the bed instead of crawling over it to the comfortable side…

And my creative dreaming after the hyperbaric chamber continues. Today I borrowed a large white horse to go into a small town for some kind of urgent business, but I forgot to tie up the horse when I went into the building and spent the rest of the dream looking for it. This is strange and interesting, but it made me late for work…

And just so that you can say “ooooh”, here is a sample of workout, from the GoPro camera I strapped to my head. And Arlovsky, you should be shivering in your boots because I am coming for you!



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