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Tim vs. Aging

Tim vs Aging – Day 23 – Travel Second Day – Plus Transhumans and Cutting Edge Biotech

Once again, only supplements and calories count. Felt crappy this morning because I barely ate yesterday. Lunched at an excellent steak restaurant (within budget). Not much else to report. So let’s get to something more interesting than my sorry ass.

This article, posted by the “Transhumanist Party” talks about great tech, and I’ll get to that in a second. But do you know what “transhumanists” are?

20 Cutting-Edge Biotechnologies in Development Today – Article by Logan Thrasher Collins

These are the guys who have no problem mixing hardware with human wetware in any respect if it makes life better for humans. They believe that humans are on an evolutionary track to merge with technology. Any humans with an artificial limb or even a pacemaker are already transhumans on the first rung of the evolution.

On one hand, I’m all for this. If technology can make your life better, go for it.

On the other hand, I believe the best track for medicine is to keep humans in perfect human form. Don’t replace a limb with an artificial one – strive to grow back the human limb in its original form.

I would not want a world where, in order to be competitive in the job market, you had to have an implant in your brain, or had to have your natural arms replace with “bionic” ones. This is the same logic we use when we deny the use of steroids in athletes. You don’t want kids doing dangerous or permanent things on a whim.

I also part ways with the transhumanists (some of them) that believe that downloading your brain into a computer is a good thing and gives you immortality.

It doesn’t. It’s not you, even if everyone else thinks it is identical to you.

Remember, anything that can be duplicated exactly is no longer an individual. If my body fails, transplant my brain into a new one, but don’t digitize my brain and insert it into a different brain.

OK, off my soapbox. Now the tech. Some of these you may recognize, some you will have to research if you happen to be interested. CRISPR and Gene therapy have already made great progress and saved a lot of lives.

I have no idea what DNA Origami is, nor do I fathom Spatial Transcriptomics. I’m sure they are important.

The picture that you should get here is that the combination of these technologies are diving orders of magnitude deeper into the processes of life.

The goal of this project is to reduce my biological age. I have no illusions that after this I will be a teenager again. But eventually, I believe even that will be possible (and without the zits!).

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