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Tim vs Aging – Day 27 – A Bit Sore – plus Criticism of the Hyberbaric Chamber Strategy

Today is an off day from intense exercise sessions, only stretching, plus the supplements, skin cream, HBOT.

But I do feel a bit crappy.

I had mentioned little or no soreness from last week’s weight training so I upped it a bit on Monday. And of course, I tried to push it last night with Trisha’s MMA training.

So the good news is now I have successfully returned to weight training pain and combined it with the second-day fatigue of the MMA session. If you remember, I was traveling on Sunday so weight training and MMA were on consecutive days.

So yes, I feel crappy, but it’s a GOOD crappy.

I have run into some criticism about my hyperbaric chamber, and how it is not a “medical grade” chamber and therefore is useless. My answer there that I have a master’s degree in engineering and I don’t see where “medical grade” pressure and oxygen are different from what I am getting. And I’m not paying $200 per session to get there.

The one I bought

But I admit there is a point. A medical-grade hyperbaric chamber can provide the two atmospheres of pressure cited in the study I am using. Mine only goes to 1.3 which is the highest you can buy without a prescription. Plus the medical-grade units purportedly provide 100% oxygen, where mine promises 90%.

But this is a necessary test. Can I achieve substantial results with what I have? While medical-grade chambers are easily available to researchers, they just not that accessible to the average joe. If I can get just an inkling of a result with my test, then the technique is open to a whole lot of folks.

The other problem is that many respected opinions are that the experiments done with hyperbaric are either sloppy or incomplete or the results are only temporary. That was the criticism of the original study I referenced as a test, apparently the length of telomeres in the blood (where the results were measured) is highly variable, and benefits could disappear very quickly. I don’t know. But I will keep at it.

Fortunately, you have me to do the tests for you, and I am VERY scientific!!

Here is an article you can peruse on the topic:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy extends life, the telomeres, and everything

Will Tim get a match against former UFC Champ Arlovsky? Stay tuned!!!

As for my nemesis former UFC Champion Andre Arlovsky, I’m on track and I’m coming for you!!!

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