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Tim vs Aging – Day 24 -Travel Third Day – plus Potential for Brain Cell Repair

If you want to know about today, just read the first paragraph from yesterday. Not really anything new. My travels are fun so I’m getting a bit of exercise, but I have no discipline whatsoever. Supplements taken, calories within budget.

One of the things that I have heard for many years is that, unlike the cells in the rest of your body, brain cells do not replace themselves. This makes sense because neurons have configurations that represent memory, so replacing them with new cells would be a loss. I seem to remember something from long ago that said they do replace themselves but the time frame is something like 150 years, so we are long dead before it happens. I don’t know and I’m too lazy to pull up this vague reference from long ago.

The study I was reading today says that while neurons do not replicate, they do repair their genomes. This
study says that the repair process prioritizes certain genetic “hotspots” that are critical for “neural identity and function.”


As related to anti-aging and the project, right now I take supplements to get rid of senescent cells and to help generate new cells. The biology and the chemistry of these processes are the subjects of intense research since they lead to, well, anti-aging and the potential to reverse aging.

The reason I find this exciting is that since science is looking into this process, they will soon start to identify the mechanisms that trigger this repair and the chemistry behind it. Once you do that you can find ways to encourage the brain to repair itself. If you want to prevent or reverse aging, the brain is (obviously) the most important organ to work on.

And of course, if you are a frozen head in a cryo-chamber somewhere, this is the field of science you really want to progress.

This project is designed to test certain methods, but if you know the term “escape velocity” with respect to anti-aging, then you know that a lot of work has to be done before we have substantial life extension and “near” immortality. We will get there.

Arlovsky in rare form. But I’m not afraid, I will challenge him when I am ready.

For those of you not aware, former UFC Champion Andre Arlovsky won his fight against relative newcomer Chase Sherman. Andre totally dominated. This is good because when I challenge Arlovsky to a cage death match, I want him to be at his best!  I, of course, will be 20 years younger than I am now, and ready to whip him!

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