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Tim vs Aging – Day 44 – Sore calves, suffering greatly! plus something 800 time stronger than Resveratrol

As expected and a bit worse than I remember, my upper legs and calves are aching fiercely from the four mile run/walk trek. As I learned a couple of weeks ago, stretching is a good remedy for aching muscles (plus a massage, of course…), so I had some relief. But sitting for more than an hour means I have to walk like an old man for a couple of minutes until they stretch a bit.

But I’m glad I did the run, these are new muscle aches which means additional senescent cells are being displaced. I can bear it, given the circumstances. It’s a good pain (OK, that’s BS, but I can take it…).

Here is a video that shows something that might make substantial progress in anti-aging. You may recall that the primary substance in generating new cells is called NAD+. NAD+ is made up of sirtuins, NMN and some other stuff. So if you are taking supplements to generate NMN and sirtuins then you have more NAD+ and your cells regenerate more effectively and more faithfully and you are, thus, younger. In this project, I take NMN to increase its levels in my bloodstream, and Resveratrol to increase sirtuins.

This substance, known as SRT1720, is said to be 800 times more effective than Resveratrol in activating Sirtuins. It is only available for lab use, not for human consumption at this time (and is very expensive for lab samples, so don’t add it to your own project just yet). This could be a breakthrough, but of course, we have to wait for the research to get a bit further along. The research, just published, was tweeted out by Dr. David Sinclair, the Harvard researcher who is probably most famous in the anti-aging sphere.

The video is a bit technical, but is decipherable by some of us ordinary mortals. Have a look!


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