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Tim vs Aging – Day 46 – In between day – Results from the Telomere Test

Nothing earth shattering from a project standpoint. I found out that second-day fish from Long John Silver’s (200 calories for one fillet) is actually still pretty good. Made up a new batch of eggnog, which seems to be my best batch so far – tasty and not lumpy.  After looking a bit, I’m thinking eggnog might be useful for other stuff. It has vitamin D and calcium, as well as the fat necessary to dissolve the resveratrol. It’s only a quarter cup.

I checked on my Lifelength.com telomere test today and guess what? My telomere age is 6 years younger than my chronological age! This is in stark contrast to my other results so far, which have my telomere age 5 years OLDER than my chronological age. Who knew?

So here are the results of the test…

The Lifelength Telomere test says I am 6 years younger than my chronological age.

My biological age as measured by telomere length is 53, compared to my chronological age of 59. Apparently 96% of people my age have shorter telomeres than me. This could be an inherited characteristic since my members of my family tend to be long-lived (My grandmother lived to 103, those who have died before 80 have died of cancer of some kind).

Remember that the TrueMe and Muhdo tests, which are both saliva tests, pegged me at a biological age of 64 years. I have yet to receive any results from MyDNAge at this point, and it has been quite a while. That was a blood sample test.

The Muhdo test pegged me between 63 and 64 years old.

But these are very different tests. When I do the follow-on test (have the kits on order), I will take the difference between when I started and when I finished. This will be the ultimate test both for the precision of the testing methods and for the results of the Tim vs. Aging Project.

Remember, any progress for this whole field of study relies on the accuracy of the tests. You cannot wait to see whether people die at 85 or 90 before you validate your tests. I want to get the test of the testers out to the community.

The TrueMe test pegged me at 64 years old.



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